The blood was warm and came gushing over the dark soil. The sight of it left him sickened and slightly perplexed, like a sobering man gazing on some destruction he had wrought in his stupor. His hands and forearms were covered in the sticky crimson fluid and he sat on his heels, staring at them, mesmerized. He allowed his gaze to travel to the corpse. True, it was not a hunter, but this man who had perished so easily had raised the whip countless times in irresistible power, had given instruction and was obeyed without question, had held sway over life and limb; now see how quickly such power was broken.

*          *          *

The young runner, Lund, survives from day to day as a human quarry in the impenetrable Dankwood. Yet the time for the extermination of all Vrahn slaves is fast approaching. Already a new Master has arrived in Graille: a Destroyer from the marshland realm of the Torc.

Unaware of the grand design of Malik Ulian to subvert or destroy all the nations round the Inland Sea, Ruhn, an exile from Nuria, fights his battles against strangers in the arena, or the pirate lords of Track's Isles, striking in this impotent way at his brother, the Nurian king, who had stolen his bride, his future, and his reputation. He serves only himself and pursues only one goal: revenge on his powerful older sibling. Even when he is forced into an uneasy partnership with the enigmatic Master of the Witch Isle, he keeps his own counsel and sells his allegiance solely for the promise of aid in his selfish quest.

Trapped in an unhappy marriage with the younger brother of a neighboring duke, Haldrid of Ligerium hides herself away from court in the country seat of her husband's family. Yet there is no escaping the calamitous events soon to overtake her homeland. Despite her strange brother's warnings, she soon finds herself in the middle of the Shadow's master scheme, a nightmare unfolding about her that will not allow any escape.

Gaereth, the younger Nurian prince, is fascinated by the illegal Vaerhan Art formerly possessed by his people. Considered rebellious and a source of constant embarrassment by the king and his older brother, he is forced to flee his home after an act of ultimate betrayal, and seek refuge with the mortal enemy of his kind across the northern pass.


Progeny of Hate follows the characters on their respective and diverse courses around the Inland Sea, where the epic struggle for domination, revenge and redemption is already underway.