The blow was too quick to be effective, slicing through broken benches and debris next to the beast. Already the fire flowed from it once more, driving back its opponent, blinding him...

Ruhn realized that this was no equal contest. The monster would not trade blows with him, or give him the chance to use his weapon properly. He was striving against a god, an Ancient who had many lifetimes to perfect his art. The flames kept swirling about him, paralyzing, suffocating... finally pinning him against the wall, and the monster all the while preparing for a death blow, its tail curling, arching upwards into the dark above. The armor blazed bright blue... but it would not hold, could not hold... There were too many crimes, too many debts for which to atone. His guilt was augmented till it towered to the stars... Doubt flowed about him, through him, like the flames, making his hands tremble. His senses were overcome with the terrific potency, the insurmountable threat of the beast before him, wounded as it was.

*          *          *

Heart of the Seer brings the Palingenesis Trilogy to its riveting conclusion. With a world in the balance, the final struggle for domination or deliverance commences before the gates of Belruth, in what used to be the kingdom of Nuria.

Ancient scores are settled as both sides reveal their true potentials, and only the ultimate sacrifice may counter the irresistible, twisted power of the Shadow Lord.